Take A Peek Inside: The Kathi Roll Express


Delicious is an understatement when it comes to The Kathi Roll Express.

They were first established four years ago and we are both so sad that we just had a chance to try their tasty dishes. TKRE focuses on giving Torontonians a chance to experience Indian Street food.

First off, walking into the bar/resto really felt like we were somewhere in North India. The ambiance and music were so on point. They have a big screen to project any videos and games. It’s amazing how there is a mashup of diverse cultures in Toronto. That’s what makes this city beautiful.

We had two appetizers, the Samosa Chaat (right) and the Aloo channa (left). We loved both, they were amazing as a side to the mains. Abs has a crazy obsession with chickpeas, so she was thrilled.

We then had a couple of the renowned Kathi rolls and burritos. Yeah, we got really excited and ordered a lot of food. We were beyond stuffed!! Take a look at the little video we put together to take a look inside. Abs’ favorite dish was the Butter Chicken burrito and Vith’s was the Original Chicken Tikka Kathi roll.

We were also able to grab a couple of Kingfishers which really put us in a good mood. Overall, we felt like a couple of street kids having a great time vibing to poppin’ music. The Kathi Roll Express are planning on doing some big things soon. Follow TKRE to find out where they’ll be at and what they’re up to.

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Talk to you guys soon! Stay safe and eat well.


Vith & Abs