8 things to indulge in on your cheat day!


1. Creamsicle Margaritas

The ingredients include five-part orange juice, tequila, ½ triple sec, one part vodka whipped a splash of lime juice and salt, so drink it slowly! You can also top it off with orange and lime slices with a salted or sugared rim. Drink slow and savor this delicious drink because it tastes as good as it looks.

2. Mojito Popsicles

Boozy popsicles are becoming a delicious trend that we hope doesn’t go away anytime soon. They come in a whole palette of flavors like mango, lime, raspberry, and lots of others so there is a flavor for everyone. Try a mango mojito popsicle made with juiced mangos, lime juice, fresh chopped mint, Bacardi white rum, and two tablespoons of sugar. I’m sure you will be quite pleased with the results.

3. Fuzzy Wawa

It’s a daiquiri in a coconut with four-year-old rum, enough said. It has a delicious tart taste and is decorated with a cute umbrella perfect reminder of your unplanned vacation. This is also the most popular drink at Miss Thing’s restaurant mixed with coconut lemongrass sake, kaffir lime syrup, coconut bitters. Miss Thing’s is also a very trendy and popular Polynesian restaurant and a great pregame girls’ night out spot featuring a cute lounge and dining area and a hidden nightclub in the back. They also have a lot of cool items on the menu like their popular pineapple fried rice, delish!

4. Snickerdoodle Brownies

These are to die for! Mostly known as snickerdoodle cookies or just “snickerdoodles” these have always been a popular indulgence. However, the brownies are hard to find so consider making your own snickerdoodle brownies with some of the usual ingredients including all-purpose flour, baking powder, eggs, butter, brown and white sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla and don’t forget the cinnamon. These will probably be gone by the end of the day but I’m sure you will be making them again. Make sure to check out the recipe!

4. Skillet Smores

Smores don’t always have to be a seasonal thing try making them in your skillet serving it as a dip instead. The recipe is pretty simple four cups of miniature marshmallows and chopped or semi-sweet or dark baking chocolate with graham crackers big enough to dip. Make sure the marshmallows are nice and brown and the chocolate is nice and melted. Serve in the skillet and enjoy!

5. Cookies Cookies Cookies and Cream

No that’s not a typo this is one of the many popular items on the menu at Sweet Jesus, located in Toronto. This delicious treat is made with vanilla ice cream, topped with Oreos, Fudgeos, chocolate chip cookies, and cookie dough, yummy! Some say it’s overrated but with four locations just in Toronto alone, sweet Jesus has been consistently gaining popularity in the GTA. Krusty the Cone and Cinnamon Cone Crunch are some of their other edgy favs on the menu.

6. Frozen Peach Bellini

Besides diamonds and maybe mani’s and pedi’s, bellini’s can be a girl’s best friend too! This classic Bellini is made with frozen peaches, peach schnapps liqueur, and champagne but comes in other yummy flavors like peach raspberry, peach mango, and in some restaurants, you may see a strawberry Bellini on the menu. Milestones restaurant signature peach Bellini has truly set the standard in Toronto, if you haven’t had a Bellini I suggest trying theirs first! This one is sure to satisfy your indulgence.

7. Brunch

If you are taking a stroll through the city particularly downtown Toronto you’re sure to pass a ton of restaurants serving brunch. If you happen to be near Chinatown on Dundas street west check out Provo Food Bar for brunch. Their menu features a Belgium waffle dressed with berry fruit compote or you can get a churro waffle and add bananas, “sigh” so good! Ingredients are very fresh and can take a while for the food to be ready but it’s worth the wait, you won’t be disappointed.

8. The Cherry Bomb

This is a delectable dessert found at Caffe Demetre’s, a dessert restaurant. This delicious treat is made with lemon cream, gourmet shortcake topped with tart cherry compote on honey vanilla ice cream. If that isn’t enough you have the option to choose between many toppings so you can customize your dessert to your liking. Don’t go too far though a restaurant that only serves dessert can get you into trouble!